Überblick über die alseda Software-Produkte


alseda AIP - Accelerated Implementation Package for the SAP PE

Die alseda AIP Lösung ist ein Vorkonfiguration (RDS - Rapid Deployment Solution) für die SAP Payment Engine. Sie ermöglicht eine wesentliche Beschleunigung und Unterstützung von SAP PE Implementierungsprojekten.

  • alseda AIP /SEPA/ - die Vorkonfiguration für SEPA Zahlungen
  • alseda AIP /SWIFT/ - die Vorkonfiguration für SWIFT Zahlungen
  • alseda AIP /SCT-INST/ - die Vorkonfiguration für SEPA Instant Payment Zahlungen
  • alseda AIP /CORPORATES/ - die Vorkonfiguration für inter-corporate Zahlungen


alseda ESM - Embargo & Sanctions Monitoring

With the alseda ESM software solution for all transactions or of persons and organizations are in real-time detected and logged, which are listed in the embargo and sanctions lists. The alseda ESM solution has interfaces for the integration of national and international sanctions lists.


alseda PRH - Payments Reconciliation Hub meets BW on HANA

Centralized tool that collects data from various layers. Facilitates reconciliation of SAP PE and SAP DM payment data. Matches the data to guarantee that information is consistent. Contributes directly or indirectly to the balance sheet and income statement preparation.


alseda KWG24C - Kontenabruf

Die alseda KWG24C Lösung biete alle Funktionalitäten, um die Meldepflicht gemäß den gesetzlichen Anforderungen aus dem Kreditwesengesetz zu erfüllen. Neben den neu hinzukommenden Konten werden die relevanten Kontoänderungen und auch die Schließung / Auflösung eines Kontos oder Vertrags berücksichtigt.


alseda ETS - Extended Teller System

The new solution which allows you to manage and operate all relevant processes and operations of a modern electronic point of sale application within banks and within your SAP system.


alseda S2S - connection of credit agencies to SAP ERP

Integration of services from credit agencies into the SAP ERP system. High automation with the procurement and administration of the agencies' information. Credit agencies: SCHUFA, beDirect, Creditreform, Bürgel, D&B and Experian. SAP applications: SAP Banking, SAP for Utilities (IS-U), SAP Creditmanager (SAP FSCM) and SAP Business Partner.


alseda S2S-CRM solution

Integration of services from credit agencies into the SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application.


alseda ProDevFi - Projekt-/Bauträgerfinanzierungen und Developments

alseda‘s software solution ProDevFi is a SAP Add-On for displaying project financings (real estate financing) and developments. The basis for the ProDevFi solution consists of several SAP applications: SAP BP—Business Partner, SAP CMS — Collateral Management and SAP BCA / DM — Deposits Management. alseda‘s ProDevFi solution extends SAP standard applications with automatic processes and extended controlling funtions for financing. Additional products in SAP BCA / DM, additional BP roles, collaterals and objects in SAP CMS are going to be preconfigured. The additional functions allow a complete display of real estate financings and developments, including the surveillance of planed and actual costs.


alseda JSSC - connection of credit agencies to none SAP ERP systems

JSSC is a Java based application to handle connections to credit agencies (SCHUFA, arvato infoscore, Creditreform, Bürgel, D&B and Experian) via XML gateway. It can be connected through standard links (e.g. SOAP) to customer applications.