SAP Service Partner & Expertised Partner Banking

SAP Partner

This distinction documents the substantial industry experience and the extraordinary functional and technical know how in the areas of consulting and development in core banking.


Developing Partner of arvato infoscore


arvato infoscore is a subsidiary of arvato AG, the internationally networked service provider for media and communications of Bertelsmann AG. At Bertelsmann it belongs to the department arvato services. Headquartered in Baden-Baden with around 1,900 employees, arvato infoscore is doing business in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary. The company group arvato infoscore stands for services in the value-oriented customer management spanning the entire customer lifecycle. arvato infoscore offers professional process-solutions in the performance areas data-, information- and dept claim management.



System-integrator of CRIFBürgel

Through the integration of the information provided by CRIFBürgel into your SAP system, you optimize your risk-management even prior to the first customer contact. In every phase of the customer lifecycle you therefore receive the necessary information and services customized, directly into your SAP system. Accordingly you can actively  influence the overall quality of your customer-relations, straight from the beginning. You can detect possible financial risks and positively shape your business development.  CRIFBürgel provides analytically processed information, individually researched for you.



Solution Partner of Creditreform


Before signing a lucrative contract, you should get a detailled picture of your business partner. Through the integration of information by Creditreform with the alseda S2S solution, you gain all necessary information concerning  credit-worthiness, finances, structure and the surrounding of your customers, directly into your SAP system. Either private or corporate customer, no matter who exactly you are trying to get information about: you will definitely discover it in the Creditreform database. With about 3.6 million information to provide, Creditreform accounts for the biggest economic database in the world, concerning german companies. 





EURO-PRO is one of the market leaders in the areas of identification and information services in Germany and Europe. Being one of the most innovative companies in the german medium-sized firm sector, EURO-PRO is among the competence leaders in the field of adress-identification of adress unknown customers and debtors anonymous in Germany and all of Europe.






The lithuanian company Netplus offers consulting and software-development services in the areas of internet technologies. Due to its longterm experiences, Netplus is an important strategic partner of alseda consulting in the baltic markets.



ponturo consulting

ponturo consulting


ponturo consulting is a consulting company operating in the banking and insurance sector. Its business activities cover functional and technical consulting in the areas of accounting, profitability-controlling, riskmanagement / -controlling and asset management.






Processing Partner of SCHUFA


As an innovative service provider, SCHUFA Holding AG enables and speeds up money lending processes. SCHUFA Holding AG offers a secure credit accomodation to its partners, such as banks, savings banks, retail market and other industries. For consumers it facilitates and enables a comfortable and cheap credit borrowing.






Integration of services from credit agencies into the SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application.

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