SAP Crystal Solutions


Drive faster, more informed decision making across your small business with SAP Crystal solutions. These affordable business intelligence (BI) tools can help you serve up interactive reports and dashboards, and use powerful data visualization and discovery – for the insights you need, when you need them.Use the SAP Crystal solutions resources below to learn how alseda can help you gain actionable insights into your business.

Want to find information on Crystal products all in one place? Check out our new series of videos on YouTube. These videos are intended to help introduce you to the various solutions in the product line.

What is Business Intelligence? The answer is in your fridge.

We live in a world of information overload. Let’s look at your business and the data you generate like the contents of your refrigerator. And just like your fridge, it’s hard to know everything that’s inside unless you can really take a good look—all the way into the back! This brief video simplifies the world of business intelligence and explains why analytics is critical to success.